Grass Roots Grants Programs

The continuing goal of the National Water Safety Congress/Coast Guard partnership is to build and maintain a national network of partners whose specific goal is to address issues of life jacket wear, recreational boating safety, support of grassroots efforts in boating and water safety organizations, and to address the creation of educational programs for our youth and families on the local scale. Such partnership efforts will create a synergy which results in the product of the whole greatly exceeding the product of each partnerís efforts. Creating a national community of proficient boaters, who understand the importance of constant WEAR of lifejackets and use of other safety equipment, is the goal of the NWSC.

One of the goals identified by the Board of Directors of the National Water Safety Congress is to provide support for grass roots Water Safety Councils and partnering organizations with boating and water safety education based programs associated with the NWSC. Local Water Safety Councils and other not for profit boating and water safety organizations may submit applications annually. The NWSC generally awards up to $2,000 per project. Grantees are expected to sign contracts with the NWSC before funds are disbursed to them. They are also required to submit reports through the grant cycle, including innovative forms of measurements.

Because there are so many diverse organizations and programs on the grass roots levels nearly all of the objectives of the Recreational Boating and Water Safety Strategic Plan could be covered, dependent upon how many types of programs are funded. These grant applications come from diverse areas and organizations from around the United States.

***We will not be offering the Grass Roots Grants for 2013. We hope to be able to provide you with this very important funding in 2014. Please visit the web site often for additional updates. Thank you for all that you do in your neighborhoods to provide for a safer environment nationwide!***


Past Grass Roots Grants Information

2011 Grass Roots Grants Book of Recipients

2011 Grass Roots Grants Recipients

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