Our Mission

The mission of the National Water Safety Congress is to promote water safety education and professional development to prevent drownings and water-related incidents.

The National Water Safety Congress is committed to continuing their leadership role in advancing the promotion of education for the safety of recreational water activities throughout the United States, and internationally, by addressing water related recreational accidents and drownings throughout the nation on private and public recreational water resources.

The National Water Safety Congress (NWSC), working in conjunction with the United States Coast Guard will support the mission, goals, and objectives of the National Recreational Boating Safety Strategic Plan. We will thereby assist in providing and ensuring the public a safe, secure, and enjoyable recreational boating, and water safety educational experience, which will in turn minimize loss of life, injury, and property damage while protecting the environment and cooperating with national security efforts. The National Water Safety Congress has officially signed on to support the Strategic Plan and the NWSC does act as an implementing partner of the Strategic Plan.


Each year the National Water Safety Congress (NWSC) presents awards at the annual International Boating and Water Safety Summit to selected individuals and organizations that have made outstanding contributions to water safety during the previous year.

Cold Water Boot Camp USA Programs


Cold Water Boot Camp and Beyond Cold Water Boot Camp USA educate the general public and first responders with preventative measures and rescue and recover and re-warm techniques should you be a victim, or find yourself in a position to rescue a cold water immersed victim.

The Boot Campers of Cold Water Boot Camp USA dive in and experience the three effects of cold-water immersion cold shock, cold incapacitation, and even hypothermia. The project provides valuable information of how to survive an accidental fall into cold water. The demonstration forces the Boot Campers to face the indisputable fact that the difference between becoming a statistic and a survivor is wearing a life jacket!

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2017 International Boating & Water Safety Summit

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